Good Day Pet Sitters              Serving the Greater Dallas Area  (972) 664-4740

Other Stuff:

*  Return key:  $10

(only if you don't want us to keep it in our safe)

*  Client lockout:  $20

Get locked out?  If we have your key, call us and we'll come to the rescue! 

*  ALL payments are due in ADVANCE of services rendered.

*  We accept cash, checks, PayPal and credit cards.

*  Same-day call-in service:  $25

Pet Taxi:  $16 each way

What you get:

*  Drop Off/Pick up at Groomer

*  Take to vet & return (plus $15 per

hour at vet)

*  Drop Off/Pick up Boarding & Daycare

​Overnight Stays: 

What you get:

*  All services provided in 30 minute visit,           plus sitter sleeps over

*  Approximate hours:  8 pm - 8 am

*  Holidays:  $100 per night

Dog Walker Dallas:  

Perfect for People on the Go!

What you get:

*  30 minute visit

*  Fresh water

*  3 dogs max

*  Minimum purchase of 5 for quoted rate

​Pet Sitting:  

(plus $2 per pet over 3 pets)

What you get:

*  Feeding

*  Walk and/or playtime

*  Clean pet dishes as needed

*  Scoop litter boxes as needed

*  Administer medications (oral & topical)

*  Bring in mail

*  Take out garbage/bring in containers

*  Water indoor plants as needed

*  Home security check